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“Hey, Timmy,” the big boned stud called from across the dressing room, “I need and extra towel over here!!!” “Uh, right away, sir,” he replied while rushing over to him with his hand extended holding a fresh towel, “is there anything else I can do for you!?!” “I dunno, Timmy,” he said while grinning at his locker mate, Kelly, “is there anything else he can do for me!?!” “Wellllllll,” Kelly replied with a smirk, “maybe, and I'm saying just maybe, he could give your dick a little suckin', whataya think, hon?!?” “Mmmmm,” Brian replied, “do you really think so, he's so young, do you think he's up to it, I mean I wouldn't wanna hurt him!?!” “Why don't you ask him,” Kelly rejoined quickly, “he seems old enough to me, come on, Timmy, how old are you anyway!?!” With his face turning a fire engine red he replied softly, “I'm eighteen, sir, and I'd love to suck Mr. Brian's boner!!!” “Would you now,” Brian asked softly while spreading his sweaty thighs to expose his rapidly swelling dick, “well you know what I always say, keep the help happy!?!” Timmy quickly dropped to his knees and opened his mouth over Brian's bulging cock while Brian sighed, “God, I just love the way these young boys suck, “it seems that they must've taken Cock Suck 101 cuz they sure know where the head is!!!” “Mmmmmmmm, yes,” Kelly replied while sliding down between Timmy's legs to take his little erection into his mouth, “and they're always so hard and ready to go, I just love the taste of a hard young cock in my mouth, don't you!?!” “Oh, yeah,” Brian panted, “I just love seeing them naked with their cute little hardons sticking up in the air ready to go, just seeing us naked is enough to give them a nice woody!!!” Timmy's tongue was now flicking incessantly over the older man's velvety head, and as his own pecker began spasming in Kelly's hot mouth, Brian's cock convulsed several times hard in his mouth as both of them had crushing orgasms rip through their orally satisfied organs!!!

Kelly grabbed Timmy by his still stiff pecker and while him tugging towards the shower ordered, “Now you come with us little one, we need someone to scrub our hard peckers,” while Brian, still a little shell shocked from his orgasm, stumbled along behind the other two as they made their way into the steam filled room!!! Both men took their places under the burning needles of water while Timmy dutifully lathered Kelly's groin with a bar of soap while he and Brian cupped and caressed each other's asses as the hot water ran over their shiny bodies!!! “Mmmmm, he has such a nice touch,” Kelly sighed as his friend leaned over and gently sucked his nipple, “it's so nice to be able to come to the club and get your prick taken care of!!!” Now it was Brian's turn to sigh as Timmy turned his attention to his rapidly expanding dick, making sure that he soaped every nook and cranny of his again excited groin!!!

Brian's dick was so attuned to the young lad's caressing that he had another leg weakening climax right then and there, and only because he was able to hold on to Kelly's shoulders did he keep from crashing to the floor in a heap!!! Good grief, boy,” Kelly opined with a chuckle, “a little tense today, aren't we!?!” “I-I can't help it,” Brian replied sheepishly, “I guess that I've just got a soft spot in my heart for young men!!!” “Hmmmm,” Kelly hummed, “I think that the spot isn't located in your heart but about eighteen inches to the south!!!” “You're all bad,” Brian giggled while Timmy rinsed his dick clean of suds and cum, “say, I've got a good idea, wanna hear it!?!” “Do I have a choice,” Kelly asked humorously!?! “Nope,” Brian shot back, “none at all, now watch this,” as he pulled Timmy to him and gave him a long hard kiss on the mouth!!! After releasing the young lad from his grip he asked him softly, “So tell me, Timmy, have you gotten fucked yet to day, I mean have any of the members let you stick your little hardon into their assholes!?!” Now turning six shades of red he replied softly, “No, sir, not today!!!” “Good,” Brian replied, “cuz have I got a deal for you!!!”

“Timmy,” Brian asked softly, “see that man over there, yeah, that's the one, the blonde one, have you ever fucked him!?!” “Oh, no, that is strictly against the rules,” he replied quickly, “we're not allowed to have relations with other towel boys, only the members!!!” “Yeah, yeah,” Brian retorted, “I know the rule, but that's only if you do it on your own time, but if a member asks you to do it, it's all right, at least that's my interpretation of the rule!!!” Kelly looked at his friend and just rolled his eyes while Brian called out, “Say, Joe, is it okay if we borrow Petey for a little while, I think it will be worth your while to let us have him!!!” “Now don't use the word we,” Kelly whispered, “this is your doing, hon, I don't wanna lose my privileges, so you're on your own, baby!!!” “Thanks for the support,” Brian replied dryly while Petey came over and stopped directly in front of him, “now, where was I, oh yeah, Petey, you know Timmy here don't you!?!” “Uh yes sir,” the shy eighteen year old replied with his head down, “I know him!” “That's good, dear,” Brian replied softly, “cuz you're about to get to know him a whole lot better!!!”

Brian pulled the young man to him so that they were chest to chest and whispered, “How would you like Timmy to put his little hardon inside of your tight asshole?!?” “I-I don't know,” he stammered, “I don't think we're supposed to do that!!!” “That's all been taken care of,” Brian replied smoothly while grabbing Timmy's hardon, “just see how nice and hard he is, wouldn't you just love to lay back and have him slip it inside of you, it would feel soooooooooooo nice!?!” By now Brian had slipped a finger into the over heated butt of the confused young man, and as he tried thinking clearly, the older man was now furiously jerking his little hardon, absolutely whipping the poor boy into a sexual frenzy!!! While he began to hyperventilate, Brian gently helped Petey to the floor, and after carefully spreading his legs, with a mere nod of his head, indicated Timmy to take his place between his firm young thighs!!!

Petey was now moaning softly in anticipation of having Timmy put his erection inside of his hot bottom, but he was totally unprepared for the sensation he received when the thin hard cock slammed into him like a freight train!!! “Oh, oh, oh,” he gasped as Timmy's ass began pile driving his little member in and out of his smooth ass while Brian gently twisted and tugged at his little nipples!!! A group of men had by now formed a ring around the young couple, and as sex starved seniors were wont to do, they began shamelessly fisting their cocks while little Petey got his cherry taken right there on the shower room floor in front of all of them!!! While Timmy was by no means experienced, a million years of evolution took over as he rammed his hard cock in and out of him with piston like efficiency, until all at once his body stiffened and a load of hot spunk rocketed from his dick head deep into the burning cauldron that was Petey's incredibly aroused ass!!! For him the combination of Timmy's hard cock and Brian's manipulation of his nipples had started a fire that was nearly unquenchable, that is until he felt Timmy's cock stiffening in his asshole, inducing him to a climax like a fire hose all over their smooth bellies!!! Ten naked middle aged men on the other hand were groaning and moaning as fingers flew over erect peckers, firing off orgasms every couple of seconds until the only sound that could be heard was that of a lone shower running coupled with the heavy breathing of the assembled masses!!!

Timmy literally collapsed on top of Petey, completely spent from the experience, while he on the other hand sensed for the first time in his life how fulfilling a hard penis in his bottom could make him feel!!! After allowing the two of them a couple of minutes to recuperate, Kelly and Brian helped the shell shocked couple to their feet where upon they steadied them under a hot shower to help bring them back to life!!! Small smiles broke over their faces, kinda like the cat that ate the canary looks, that made Brian remark to Kelly, “Hey, baby, rules were made to be broken!!!”


Hentai: [Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt]

[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 0[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 1[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 2[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 3[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 4[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 5[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 6[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 7[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 8[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 9[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 10[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 11[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 12[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 13[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 14[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 15[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 16[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 17[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 18[Hatakeyama Tohya] Boshi no Hibi (ANGEL Club 2013-12) [Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] 19

[畠山桃哉] 母子の日々 (ANGEL 倶楽部 2013年12月号) [ベトナム翻訳]

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