Condom Abcdcollectionsabcdviewing Fleet [Univ. 1 Wells] Passionate

He manoeuvred her to being on top of him and his erect cock slipped into her cunt, wet from her own orgasmic juices and with the warm water bubbling over her body, he using her hips raised her and lowered her onto his cock. “There will be a lot of hard work needed but I understand from your call, that she is physically healthy and you have been to a Doctor recently and had her checked out?”
George replied “Yes, we were there yesterday, Doctor Southern fitted her with a butt plug for ass stretching and he recommended that she should come here”
“Yes” Mike said, “Doctor Southern often refers clients to us for our special techniques of getting more from our clients then they wish to give.

Hentai: Abcdcollectionsabcdviewing fleet [Univ. 1 wells]

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