Hot Feeling Bovine

Smiling a secret smile

nibbling her bottem lip

watching the night aproach

longing filling her heart

watching the Hunter's moon arise,

rising hearing the call

holding her arms wide

her lover stepping close,

taking her into his dark embrace

desire licking through her body at his touch

wanting him closer

shivering as he lightly brushes

her body with his hands

trembling at his kisses

sighing as he pulls her close to him

gasping as he piches her flesh

moaning as he takes her hair in his hand

arching closer as he tugs it

feeling her body flush with desire

moves slowly against him

crying out as he slips his free hand down

caressing and filling her with his fingers

tembling as he explores her body

softly begging him to take her

purrring softly as he encircles her waist,

with his large hands, lifting her up

moaning as he pulls her down onto him

arching her back, thrusting her proud breasts to him

crying out with each movement

whimpering as he grabs her hair pulling it tightly

shuddering as they fill each others need

riding through passions wave

the night hearing the cries

sighing with pleasure

watches him leave with regret

smiling softly she walks into her home,

watching her dark lover

disapper into night

knowing the next Hunter's moon

he will return. Korea ONE LIFE – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha… .

Hentai: [Mophingu] Feeling Bovine

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