Roundass Oni Dakedo Onnanoko!

This is my first time writing so hope you enjoy I just want to say this is a completely cross my heart and hope to die true story it happened between me and a friend in middle school were now friends still sophomores in college hope you enjoy 😉

I was friends with John for a couple of years We went to elementary school together and were now in middle school together too I would go to johns house a lot because his dad was never home and his mom left him at a young age We would sit alone at his house for hours on end watching movies then one day while watching tv John changed it to some porn this wasn't my first time seeing stuff just my first time watching a video so I was in completely awe watching the perfect girl lean back and just swallow a huge cock after about thirty minutes of watching John gets up drops his pants then reveals this massive 8' cock and starts pumping it up and down then he tells me if I could get him the pump soap to use as lube so I get it bring it back and watch as he pumps a huge glob of soap and runs it on his cock then he sees me looking so he says ill jerk you off if you jerk me off so I take up his offer drop my pants and let him stroke me as I do the same to him I immediately feel how hard he is as I grip his giant cock then we both pick up speed and we let go and finish up on our own

A couple days later I go back and were hanging out like nothing so we decide to go swimming we swim for a little then get out then we go to his room still in our wet clothes and we take off out swim trunks but we both swim with underwear under so were not fully naked as were talking off our swim trunks I look over at him in his underwear and notice his huge bulge sticking out and he sees me looking so he comes up drops his underwear puts his cock kissing distance from my face and tells me to suck it I say no he says come on please I say no again teasing him I can see his cock raising with anticipation he ask again I say no so he pushes his cock into the outside of my cheek teasing me so I take it into my hands and start stroking it while I look into his eyes then I stop stroking and spit a nice big one right on the base of his cock and rub it in i then start licking the tip teasing with my tongue slowly I wrap my wet lips around his dripping with saliva humongous cock and start sucking a inhale it for a couple minutes then gently suction suck the tip and release to make that “pop” noise I repeat that several times then he says he's ready to cum and I tell him to cum on his own so he does and just cums on the floor I really didn't not want to get cumed on then later in the night while his dad was sleeping he told me to suck it again I refuses to cause I was watching a movie so he said just give him a handjob while watching the movie so I went and got the same soap we always use which then the scent was recognizable and whenever I smelled it I automatically got a chub thronging of rubbing it on johns huge shaft I was more focused in the movie I was sitting watching it while John was half knee half sit position with his cock dangling in my face I said before I was into the movie although I felt his huge throbbing cock as I pumped it I was really watching the movie then so did he while I jerked him off then out off no where a huge white glob of jizz smacks my glasses blinding me in one eye then I turn toward his cock and another huge glob lands in my mouth a little on my lip then one more streams down my forehead I turn to him mad cause I did not want to be cumed on then I go to the bathroom to clean it up and look in the mirror to see my face covered in hot sticky cum to be honest with myself I loved the feeling from that point forward I became his personal little cum whore and he cumed a lot I remember one time I woke up early then John so I poured some cereal and went to the den to watch tv then when John woke up he came in said hey and walked out then returned about twenty minutes later fully naked with a swollen boner walked up to my cereal bowl which I was eating stuck the tip of his dick in pulled out and cumed in my cereal and told me to eat it I was so turned on I got a huge glob out it on my spoon and went to town on that spoon

Three weeks later I get a call its John he wants me to go over his dads going to be out of town for the weekend he wants me to sleep over with him so my mom says yea when I get their the first couple hours are boring then of course he goes and returns pulls out the beast and slaps me with his semi hard dick I run out the room jokingly and he locks the door then stands by the door and laughs and I hear him turn on porn in the background I say if you don't let me in I'm going to get fully naked and jerk off right here and he says do it so I do and I slide my underwear under the door then while still on my knees he opens the door with his cock right in my face so start sucking and jerking then decide to give his balls a little love today I pick up his heavy dick and jerk it while I put one of his pink wet balls in my mouth and just suck his balls smelled so good I would often find myself stop sucking and just start smelling his dick and balls then he says hold up goes to the kitchen and comes back with some chocolate syrup and pours it in my mouth and on his dick so I try that and I can't lie it was pretty fucking tasty I sucked him for a little then let him drop his warm load in my mouth and swallowed about an hour later we went skateboarding to the park and back on the way back John found a brand new unopened condemn so we went back to his house went swimming and we got out this time while changing back to back I feel something warm and hard kind off poke into my asshole turn around and he has the condemn on telling me to bend over so I do the first couple shoves hurt a lot but after he stretched my asshole his cock felt good deep inside he would take it out then shove it in hard and I would release a quite orgasmic moan he told me he had a big load so I said let it out in my ass so he ripped off the condemn and just squirted liters of boiling cum into my asshole I looked in the mirror and saw all of it dripping out slowly after I cleaned it with my fingers and slurped it off his cock and off his bed till this day If I smell that soap that I gave him I get a hard on thinking about his bulging giant pink cock which lets out gallons of cum all over me I wish I was still his little cum whore

Hope you enjoyed this ;D. Camshow OnNet Titty Shots!?! Hunk .

Hentai: [Mizone] Oni Dakedo Onnanoko! (COMIC BAVEL 2017-01) [French] [O-S] [Digital]

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[みぞね] 鬼だけど女の子! (COMIC BAVEL 2017年1月号) [フランス翻訳] [DL版]

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